Blog Labels

People like to label things. It helps them to assess a person or situation and form a judgment. In this world, everything gets labeled. Which is good. Thank God for labels. I can’t imagine a world without labels. Without them, the world would be disorganized and confusing. “Is this salve for bug bites or a sunburn?” “There are no street signs, so I don’t know where we are.” “Does this ring cost $10 or $1,000?”

Sometimes it’s not so good to label something. Like people. It tends to make some get hot under the collar: “Hey, don’t put that label on me.” So that’s a good rule to follow. Label things but not people.

I thought it would be good to label this blog. It would help people make an “assessment and form a judgment.” So here are my blog labels.


The first label I would attach to this blog is that it is eschatological. The word eschatology is derived from the Greek word eschaton(s) which means “last.” Ergo, eschatology is a study of the last and/or final days and events of what we call the end times prophesied by the Old Testament prophets.


There are two opinions as to how people view the end time prophecies of Revelation: the Preterist view and the Futurist view. In the simplest of terms, the Preterist view says the prophecies in Revelation have already been fulfilled. The futurist view says the prophecies of Revelation have not yet been fulfilled. Therefore, I would label this blog as Futurist.


There are three different views with regard to the millennial age: Premillennial, Postmillennial, and Amillennial. The Premillennial view says Jesus will physically return to earth before the millennium begins, and He Himself will reign as King of Kings over the kingdoms of the earth during a literal 1,000-year period. The Postmillennial view says Jesus’ Second Coming doesn’t occur until after the 1,000-year millennial period, a golden age when Christian ethics dominate the earth. The Amillennial view says there is no such thing as a literal 1,000-year period in which Jesus reigns over the kingdoms of earth as King. This blog is definitely Premillennial.