Angel in the Airport

The four-part series of Jesus’ two-fold calling has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it. Before the start of our next series, I wanted to offer you a very special testimony as a palate cleanser before we start the next series. I wanted to share with you an amazing story about an angel sent from God to help out a missions pastor and his team get through an airport safely. In obedience to the Lord, this pastor and his team travel the world over fulfilling the Great Commission—preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature. Everywhere they go, they witness God performing miracle after miracle, healing and delivering people, and changing lives forever. In the missions pastor’s own words, the following is a testimony of one such miracle. Enjoy!

(For security reasons, I have changed the names in the testimony as a precautionary measure.)

Angel in the Airport

My team and I were making last-minute preparations for a missions trip to the Middle East. Our trip included travel to three different countries: Israel, Jordan, and Syria. Because we were traveling to all three countries on the same trip, we each brought with us two passports for our protection. As US citizens, we are allowed to travel with two passports for security reasons. The extra passport was necessary so the countries we were traveling to wouldn’t discover we were traveling to all three nations on the same trip. If Israel saw we had just come from Syria, they wouldn’t have let us enter the country and would have sent us back to where we came from. If Jordan or Syria saw we had just come from Israel, they most likely would have taken our passports, leaving us stranded in a foreign country unable to get home. Our plan was to go to Israel, to Jordan, and then to Syria. We would come back the same way: from Syria, to Jordan, to Israel, and back home to the US.

Preparation for all our missions trips include a lot of prayer time together. The last time our team prayed together for the trip, I invited a woman named Rose to lead us in a worship service playing her keyboard. She is especially anointed of God in prayer and worship. As Rose began to sing in the Spirit, she began to make declarations out of her spirit. At one point, she began to speak out the word “invisible.” When she said the word invisible, some of the team members felt a strong witness inside.

It would prove to be prophetic!

The significance of the word invisible would be revealed when we had to pass through the security checkpoints in the airport at Tel Aviv. When we arrived at Tel Aviv after having come from Jordan, our plan to disguise our travel paths by handling and swapping two US passports wasn’t going to work. I realized too late that security was going to discover our two-passport system and that we had just come from Jordan and Syria. At this point, there was nothing we could do, so we just left it in the Lord’s hands. We just had to believe the Lord would help us get out of our predicament.

On connecting flights, you normally have to pass through an In-Transit area. From there, you have to go through more processing and more security checkpoints. But something strange happened to us when we arrived at the In-Transit area. All the lights were shut off and there were no security personnel in sight. This was odd. Israel is known to be the most secure airport in the world, yet there were no security guards ready and waiting for our flight to arrive to process us through the checkpoints of security.

We didn’t know what to do. Puzzled, we turned around to leave the way we came in when we noticed a lone security guard sitting outside the entryway. We approached her and told her about our situation. At first, it seemed as if she wasn’t going to help us, explaining that she was waiting for somebody. Then all of a sudden, she had a change of heart and decided to help us after all.

She led us back through the In-Transit area and swiped a security card at a door through which we all walked. We found ourselves in the main terminal, ready to wait out our 12-hour layover. Unbelievable! This happened with just one swipe of a card! We had just bypassed all seven levels of security! Grateful for her help, I turned to thank the security guard for her help when we noticed she was nowhere to be found.

Excited to have completely skipped the security hassle, we began our long wait for our next flight with loud and cheerful fellowship. Our joyful behavior would normally have attracted attention from most everyone (that and the fact we were the only white Americans in the area), but we were right next to a group of security officers who didn’t seem to even notice our presence!

Our layover was going to be for 12 hours, so I began to work on getting us VIP lounge access to wait for our next flight. The lounge said it was reserved for members only. I was told to call information to see if other arrangements could be made for us. When I called information, the woman who answered asked, “Are you the group that just came from Amman, Jordan?” I said, “Yes, we are.” She put me on hold and contacted security. A security officer got on the line with me and asked, “Are you the American group connecting with a flight to the US?” Again I replied, “Yes, we are.” He asked where we were located. I told the agent we were at the terminal, waiting for our next flight. He said, “I’m coming immediately with my team. Meet me at the information counter near where you are currently located.”

When we arrived, there was a large squad of officers waiting for us. They escorted us out of the terminal and back into the In-Transit area. They separated me from the rest of the group so they could question us separately. The head of security wanted to know how we got through their security. He interrogated me, asking me how we bypassed all their security. I explained what happened, that when we arrived the lights were out and no officers were in sight, except for one female officer. I explained that the officer led us through a door with her key card. The officer was incredulous, barking at me, “That is not possible! My team is highly trained and disciplined. None of them would ever do that.”

He wanted me to identify the errant security officer, so he brought the entire security staff into a room. He said, “I want you to look at these officers and identify the one who let you in.” I looked at every person and said the woman that helped us was not among them. Again, the officer snapped, “This is not possible! Every single one of them is here.” He commanded, “Look again.” I knew she wasn’t there but to appease him, I looked again… very carefully. No, she was not present.

The officer looked puzzled. He said, “She would have been wearing a security tag on a lanyard. What did her security tag say?” All of us said her lanyard was turned over, and we only saw the back of it. None of us saw any identification on her. The officer then told his staff to access the video from the security cameras to get a picture of this mysterious security officer. But when they viewed the video, it was blank. They couldn’t see us or the security officer walking us through the In-Transit area. Confused, the officer said, “I don’t get it. It’s as if you were all invisible!”


That was the word Rose had declared by the Spirit during our time of worship with the Lord. Invisibility covered us and protected us to come out of Israel and back home. We all praised the Lord and thanked Him for helping us. Meanwhile, they scanned our luggage, gave it back to us, and got us re-ticketed. They hardly looked at our passports and failed to discover our two-passport system where they would have discovered we had just come from Syria. They apologized and released us into the terminal with our new tickets.

Afterward, we all agreed that our anonymous security officer was an angel sent to help us. When we were discussing our experience, we remembered she said she was waiting for someone. And she was right. She was waiting for us! After coming to our rescue, she vanished and was never seen again. She was our security angel, sent to make sure we were secure!

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