We have been studying the prophetic book of Daniel. So far, we have studied King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the metal man in chapter two, and Daniel’s vision of the four beasts in chapter seven. Then we studied the vision of the ram and horn. The visions in Daniel provide us with progressive knowledge about end time events. The main takeaway in the vision of the Metal Man told us about one more Gentile kingdom that would rule over Israel in the end times. In the vision of the vision of the four beasts, we are told about the king of this last Gentile kingdom. His kingdom will be ten nations strong, not all 193 nations of the world. He will declare war on the Jewish people and will have power over them for 3 ½ years. Now here is the summary outline for the vision of the ram and goat. Keep reading…


By Karen Thompson

Antichrist Comes From the Mideast

Scripture: Daniel Chapter Eight

The Vision: A goat with a giant horn, full of fury, charged at a ram with two horns. The goat smote the ram and broke his two horns. The goat grew very great and when he was strong, his great horn broke off. Four notable horns grew in its place. Out of one of the four horns came forth a little horn.

  • The goat with the great horn is the king of the Grecia Empire; the horn symbolizes its first king which is Alexander the Great
  • The ram with two horns symbolizes the kings of the Medo/Persian Empire.

The Action in the Vision

  • The action of the goat charging the ram symbolizes when Alexander the Great militarily moved against the Medo/Persian Empire.
  • The ram’s two horns breaking off symbolizes the defeat of the Medo/Persian Empire by Alexander the Great.
    • The vastness of Alexander’s empire was the entire Middle East.
  • The goat’s horn breaking off symbolizes the death of Alexander the Great.
    • Alexander the Great died of an illness shortly after conquering the Mideast and failed to bequeath his empire to anyone.

The Four Horns

  • The four horns that grew in place of the goat’s broken horn symbolizes Alexander’s four generals, who divided his empire among themselves.
  • Alexander’s empire was divided thusly:
    • General Ptolemy Lagi ruled over Egypt, Palestine, Arabia, and Peterea (Jordan). (General Ptolemy was assisted by a general named Seleucus who was originally given rule over Babylon but was forced out by General Antigonus.)
    • General Antigonus ruled over Syria, Babylonia, and central Asia.
    • General Cassander ruled over Macedonia and Greece.
    • And General Lysimachus ruled over Thrace and Bythinia. (Thrace was located in present-day southeastern Bulgaria, northeastern Greece and the European part of Turkey. Bythinia was located in present-day central northern Turkey.)
  • When you compare the boundaries of Alexander’s empire to a modern-day map, you will find the present-day nations located in Alexander’s empire are Israel, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and small portions of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The Little Horn: A King of Fierce Countenance

  • The little horn will come from the kingdom of one of the four generals in the end times
  • The kingdoms of all four generals were located in the Middle East; ergo, the little horn’s kingdom will be located in the Middle East.

Little Horn and the Uprooting of Three Horns

  • We learn additional details about the three horns/kings the little horn will uproot:
    • One king will be located to the south of him.
    • Another king will be located to the east of him.
    • And the third king that Antichrist will uproot is the pleasant land—which is Israel.

Little Horn’s War With the Jewish People

  • He will wage a successful war against Israel
  • He will destroy the “mighty and the holy people”

Little Horn Personal Description

  • He’ll have a fierce countenance.
  • He’ll magnify himself in his heart (full of pride).
  • He will succeed in his military and political ambitions using craftiness and deceit.
  • He’ll be able to understand dark and complex riddles, or problems.
  • “Through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand.”
  • “By peace he shall destroy many.”
  • His power will come from Satan.

Little Horn Comes to an End

  • He will stand up against the Prince of princes (who is Jesus as His Second Coming) and will be broken without hand (“without hand” means no human intervention; Jesus will end him).

Main Takeaway: We learn the area of the world from which Antichrist will come is the Middle East. We learned the three horns he uproots will be to the south of him, east of him, and the pleasant land (which is Israel). He is someone who is able to understand difficult and complex problems; in other words, he’ll have the answer to the Mideast problem (which is the inability of Mideast nations coexisting peacefully with Israel). He’ll have the answer to the problem, but it will involve deceit and trickery. The result of his deceit and trickery is reflected in the statement “by peace he shall destroy many.”



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