Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

Eschatologists! We’re done with the series on Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. It’s time now to create a small outline of the chapter to bring out the main ideas and revelations. The outline provides you with the main talking points that are helpful should you find yourself in a conversation about Daniel’s 70 weeks. Upon completion of this study, I trust you are filled with anticipation for Daniel’s 70th week to be fulfilled. Keep reading!



 By Karen Thompson
Scripture: Daniel Chapter Nine

Daniel’s Prayer

  • Daniel chapter 9 begins with Daniel praying about Jeremiah’s prophecy that said after 70 years, the Lord would bring all the exiled Jews back to Jerusalem (Jer. 29:10). They had been in Babylon over 70 years, and Daniel was seeking God about the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy.
  • In verses 3–19, Daniel recorded the prayer he prayed to God on behalf of all the Jewish people, asking forgiveness for Israel’s national sin against Him.
  • Daniel’s prayer was interrupted by a visit from the angel Gabriel. While praying about Jeremiah’s 70-year judgment, Gabriel told Daniel about another judgment involving the number 70 decreed upon his people!

Gabriel’s Message

  • Gabriel’s message to Daniel was, “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city.”
  • The 70 weeks have to do with “thy people” and “thy holy city.”
    • “Thy people” means the Jewish people.
    • “Thy holy city” means Jerusalem.

What Will Be Accomplished Upon Completion of the 70 Weeks

  • “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city”:
    • to finish the transgression
    • to make an end of sins
    • to make reconciliation for iniquity
    • to bring in everlasting righteousness
    • to seal up the vision and prophecy
    • to anoint the most Holy

Seventy Weeks of Years, Not Days

  • The word for week is the Hebrew word Shabuwa, and it means “segment of seven.”
  • The 70 weeks are not weeks of days but rather years—70 weeks of years equals 490 years.

When the Clock Starts Ticking

  • Daniel 9:25 tells us when the clock starts ticking: “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem….” The clock starts ticking on the 70 weeks when the command is given for Jerusalem to be rebuilt.
  • Some mistakenly think the clock started ticking when the Medo/Persian King Cyrus gave the decree that the exiled Jews could go back to Jerusalem. Cyrus never made a decree for Jerusalem to be rebuilt. His decree was for the “temple” in Jerusalem to be rebuilt.
    • Ezra 1:1–4: “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled … he hath charged me to build him an house [house meaning temple] at Jerusalem, which is in Judah.”
  • King Artaxerxes, not King Cyrus, is the one who gave the command to rebuild Jerusalem to Nehemiah (Neh. 2:5–9).The 70 weeks (490 years) are divided into three segments of time: 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and 1 week.

Seventy Weeks Divided in Segments

The 70 weeks (490 years) are divided into three segments of time: 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and 1 week.

  • Seven weeks: The first segment of seven weeks began when the commandment to restore Jerusalem was given. From the time the commandment was given to restore Jerusalem until the city was actually restored was 49 years (seven weeks).
  • Sixty-two weeks: The second segment of time of 62 weeks (434 years) would come to an end when Messiah was “cut off,” meaning Messiah crucified.
  • One week: The last segment of one week (seven years) has not yet been fulfilled.
    • The last week of seven years has been suspended due to Rome making it impossible for the 70th week to be fulfilled because they ejected all the Jewish people from the area, forcing them to scatter to the nations. Also, they burned down Jerusalem and renamed the entire area Palestine.

Conditions for the 70th Week to Be Fulfilled

  • Israel became a nation, once again, in 1948.
  • The Jewish people that were scattered to the nations have been steadily returning to Israel.
  • When opportunity comes, they will build the Temple.
    • They have everything necessary to go in the Temple; they just need a temple building.

What Happens During the 70th Week

  • Antichrist will invade Jerusalem.
  • After invading Jerusalem, Antichrist will “confirm a covenant with many for one week” (a peace treaty).
  • The clock starts ticking on Daniel’s 70th week when Antichrist enters the covenant.
  • In the middle of the week, meaning 3 ½ years into the seven-year covenant, Antichrist will break the covenant and invade Jerusalem.
  • Antichrist will cause the sacrifice and oblation (offering) to cease. This is speaking about temple sacrifices and offerings being stopped when Antichrist invades Jerusalem 3 ½ years into the covenant. (They most likely will have built a temple during the first half of the 70th week.)
  • Antichrist will have control over Israel and the Jewish people for the last half of the 70th week, for 3 ½ years.
  • At the end of the 70th week, Messiah will come and put an end to the kingdom of Antichrist.
    • The completion of Daniel’s 70th week will mean the times of the Gentiles will have come to an end, a time when Gentile powers dominate Israel.
    • The completion of Daniel’s 70th week will be the beginning of the Jewish people and Israel to be that holy and set apart nation representing God to the nations.

Main Takeaway: Seventy weeks of years were determined on the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem. Sixty-nine of those years have been fulfilled. The last week, Daniel’s 70th week, is the last week to be fulfilled. And if you haven’t realized it yet, the book of Revelation is the fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th week. The events in Revelation take place in a seven-year period of time. Upon completion of the 70th week, God’s plan for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel will have come to pass!


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