Revelation Chapters 8 and 9

Welcome! This is the last post in our study of Revelation chapters 8 and 9. In this post, I share a true event that happened to a young woman named Clarita, a youth from the Philippines. Her story is frightening. What happened to her caused the entire city of Manilla to be scared half to death. She suffered horribly when creatures from the unseen realm bit her all over her body. My purpose in sharing Clarita’s story is to compare it to the locusts in the fifth trumpet judgment who have the ability to sting those who do not have the seal of God on them. The sharing of Clarita’s story is to help you see the reality of something from the unseen realm tormenting humans from the seen realm. Interested? Keep reading.

Revelation Chapters 8 and 9

Eighth in an Eight-Part Series
By Karen Thompson

What Would Attacks From the Unseen Realm Be Like?

So far, we’ve seen the fifth and sixth trumpet judgments will have to do with beings from the unseen realm inflicting harm on humans in the seen realm. The sixth trumpet judgment will bring instant death to one-third of Antichrist’s army, basically melting them where they stand with smoke, fire, and brimstone. But the fifth trumpet will bring forth a plague of locust-like horses that will sting their victims over and over. The stings will be so horrible that the victims will want to die, but death will elude them.

What would it be like to be stung by something you couldn’t even see? One can only imagine the shock of being attacked by something from the unseen realm and the horror of not being able to fight back or hide.

I’ve tried to imagine what this experience would be like. Then I remembered reading about the experience of a young woman by the name of Clarita Villanueva from Manila, Philippines. She had firsthand experience of being attacked by beings from the unseen realm. I read about her experience in a book written by Dr. Lester Sumrall entitled Bitten by Devils. The only comparison I want to draw from Clarita’s experience is what it would be like to be attacked by something in the unseen realm and the horror that it would entail.

Dr. Sumrall was ministering in the Philippines when he heard about Clarita. He and his wife were listening to the radio when the announcer came on and told his listening audience that they should turn the radio off if they had weak hearts. Dr. Sumrall leaned over and turned the sound up higher. Just as he did, he heard the screams of Clarita. She was in the city prison of Manila after having been picked up on vagrancy charges. The radio station was playing a 45-minute recording of Clarita being attacked by two demons that were biting her. At least, that’s what she claimed was happening. The activity on the recording was total pandemonium with Clarita screaming, followed by other hysterical voices shouting.

The phenomenon had been going on for several days. Her experience was being reported by the newspapers and radio. Reporters and photographers from several nations had descended upon Manila to get an interview with Clarita. All sorts of experts were called in to see if they could explain what was happening and if something could be done to help her. No one had answers. Everyone was terrified.

It all started one night when Clarita was in her prison cell. She was lying on her back in bed, and she looked up at the ceiling and saw a demonic creature sitting on one of the beams. She froze in terror at the sight of it. In an instant, it jumped down, sat on top of her, and began biting her. Frozen from fear and agony, she didn’t notice a second creature had joined the first creature in biting her. No one else could see these beings except her.

At first, not surprisingly, no one believed Clarita when she told them she was being bitten by two demons. She showed them the teeth marks on her arms, but they accused her of biting herself. Even when she showed them the teeth marks on her neck and shoulders, bites she couldn’t possibly have made herself, they still did not believe her. There had to be another explanation. But as the attacks kept happening, the prison officials began to call in every sort of expert for help. No one could explain what was happening. And no one could stop it.

Those observing Clarita described the attacks. She would be normal and then all of a sudden, a look of terror would come on her face, then she would scream, “They’re here!” Tears would stream down her face as she writhed in agony. She would point at a spot on her body and, soon after, teeth marks would appear. The bites were not human in appearance as they were completely round; human bites are elliptical in shape. Some bites appeared to be made by teeth that were all molars while other bites appeared to be made by incisors. Some bites were so deep that the blood vessels broke underneath the skin.

When Dr. Sumrall heard Clarita on the radio, he prayed for her, asking God to set her free. The Lord said to Lester that if he was willing to go see her in the jail and pray for her, He would deliver her. To make a long story short, Dr. Sumrall got permission to talk with Clarita. He led her in a prayer to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she was set free from her demonic tormenters.

In the same way that Clarita was attacked by demonic beings from the unseen realm, the locusts out of the bottomless pit will sting anyone that does not have the seal of God on their foreheads. Clarita was able to see the demons that attacked her, but we don’t know if the victims of the locust stings will be able to see their tormentors. It is the mercy of God that the time in which the locusts can sting is limited… not forever. They will be stung by the locusts for a period of five months.


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