The Azusa Street Revival

Fellow believers, since we have finished our subject of trumpet judgments in Revelation, it’s time for a palate cleanser before we start another subject. So we’re going to post the last blog about the Azusa Street Revival that took place in Los Angeles, California in 1906. In this final post, we’ll take a brief look at the legacy of the revival and how it affected the United States and the nations. But mostly we’ll focus on prophetic words that came forth that have prophesied about a great end time revival. If interested, keep reading!

The Azusa Street Revival

Fifth in a Five-Part Series
by Karen Thompson

The Legacy of the Azusa Street Revival

In the previous posts, we talked about how the Azusa Street Revival began, how it progressed, and how many thousands gave their lives to the Lord Jesus and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues. Many came from all over the world to experience God in the power of His glory. Martin E. Marty, a renowned historian of religion, said about the Azusa Street Revival, “The healing testimonials are so astounding, and recur with such frequency in so many contexts one can hardly fail to be awed.” No matter the day or week, those who came to the mission would experience an open heaven, where the Lord would meet whatever need any person had.

How God Dealt With the Ridiculers and Persecutors

Before we talk about Azusa’s legacy, I thought it would be interesting to talk just a little bit about how God dealt with the mockers and hecklers. The Azusa Street Revival received a lot of negative press and persecution. Just like people came from all over the world to Azusa to receive a miracle, there were also people that came from all over the world simply to mock what was happening. In fact, newspapers sent reporters to spy out what was happening with the intent of writing mocking articles. Much of what was written about Azusa was extremely unflattering and even hateful. Newspapers sent reporters to the meetings to gather firsthand accounts of what they called “craziness” that was taking place.

One reporter from overseas was assigned to write about the meetings from a particular slant. He was to record the “circus like” atmosphere from a comedic point of view. When he came to the meeting, he sat in the back so he could quietly observe. At one point, a young woman stood up to testify about how God had baptized her with the Holy Spirit. Then to illustrate, she broke out speaking in tongues. After the meeting, the reporter approached her and asked her where she had learned to speak his native language. She told him that she only spoke English. She explained she had no idea what she was saying because she was speaking in tongues. He told her that when she was speaking in tongues, she was speaking his native language. It turns out that while speaking in tongues, she had given a very accurate account of his sinful life. Overcome, the reporter renounced his sins and received Jesus as his Savior. When the reporter returned to his job, he told the editor he could not write the article the way they wanted him to write it. To do so, would have been a lie. He said he would write an article about what happened to him. They fired him on the spot! 

Many of the mockers that came weren’t reporters. They just came to see what was happening and to make fun of it. The people who came to mock the services at Azusa met God instead. There were a multitude of testimonies from people who came to the meetings with the intention of making fun of what was happening. Their experiences were almost identical. They were knocked to the floor by an unseen force where they “seemed to wrestle with unseen opponents, sometimes for hours.” When they were able to physically get up from the floor, they shared with the congregation they felt convicted of their sin and then gave their lives to the Lord.  

Legacy and Influence

The legacy and influence of the Azusa Street Revival was far reaching. It literally changed the world. Many men and women who attended the Azusa Street Revival were sent throughout the United States and the world with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and His baptism in the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues. Like the revival itself, their message spread like fire. The Pentecostal message resulted in many new Pentecostal denominations, like the Assemblies of God, the Church of God in Christ, the Church of God, the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, the United Pentecostal Church, and the Pentecostal Holiness Church. They can all trace their origin to the Azusa Street Revival. By 1914, all the major U.S. cities had Pentecostal churches sprinkled throughout their communities.

The missionaries that took the Pentecostal message to the nations of the world had been to the Azusa Street Revival. They didn’t waste any time getting the message out either. By 1907, the Pentecostal message had already spread to Mexico, Canada, Western Europe, West Africa, parts of Asia, and the Middle East. That’s extraordinary!

Prophecies of an End Time Revival Greater Than Azusa Street Revival

As if there weren’t enough truly amazing events surrounding the Azusa Street Revival, what do you say we add one more to the mix? In 1909, both Charles Parham and William Seymour gave nearly identical prophecies about a future end time outpouring. Parham was on the east coast when he gave this prophecy. And Seymour was on the west coast when he gave his prophecy. Without each other’s knowledge, they both prophesied about a great end time revival that would take place approximately 100 years from then. One prophecy said there would come an outpouring of God’s Spirit and His Shekinah glory that would be greater and far more reaching than what was experienced at Azusa. It will be the former rain and the latter rain together. And it won’t be localized like it was in the Azusa Revival. It will be worldwide. It will be the fulfillment of the end time scripture in Joel 2:23: “Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.” This end time revival will be the former and the latter rain harvest combined!

Maria Woodworth-Etter Prophecy

Another end time prophecy came forth through healing evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter. The revival at the Azusa Street Mission subsided around 1909. But it broke out again in Chicago, Illinois, in two locations: the North Avenue Mission and Stone Church. In 1913, Maria Woodworth-Etter began meetings at Stone Church on July 2. They were supposed to go through the month of July but the power of God fell and the meetings continued for six months.

Just like at the Azusa Mission, they experienced an open heaven. There were many conversions, miraculous healings, deliverances from demonic possession, and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the crowds! There was no need to advertise the meetings, as word spread around the area very quickly of what God was doing. People came from distances as long as 1,600 miles away. They came by every avenue of transport… trolleys, buggies, and trains. And many walked great distances just to get to Stone Church. The church was able to accommodate crowds of up to 1,500 people. Many had to settle for the basement. They were lucky to be inside, as many people couldn’t even get into the building and had to stand outside. They held street meetings to accommodate the people outside. 

One evening as the believers were praying at the altar, Maria gave forth a prophecy about a great end time revival. She and others prophesied that somewhere around 100 years after the 1913 Chicago revival, there would come a mighty end time revival. Maria said, “We are not yet up to the fullness of the Former Rain, and when the Latter Rain comes, it will far exceed anything we have seen!”

George Washington Carver Prophecy

Even the great George Washington Carver (1864–1943) prophesied about a great end time revival that would come. For anyone not familiar with Dr. Carver, he was a black man born into slavery. He grew up to become a great agricultural scientist and inventor, famous for having found 300 different uses for the peanut and 150 new uses for the sweet potato. A devoted Christian, Dr. Carver credited the Lord Jesus for all his discoveries saying, “It is not we little men that do the work, but our blessed Creator working through us.” Dr. Carver was a man devoted to prayer, rising every morning at 4 a.m. to pray. He said that it was during his times with God in prayer that his discoveries come to him.

Toward the end of his life, he was invited to speak at a Crusade for Christ meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next day he spoke at the chapel in Macalester College. He was enthusiastically received. On the way to the train station after the meetings, Mr. Carver said that as he rode to the auditorium, he received a word from the Lord concerning an end time revival. He said, “There is going to be a great spiritual awakening in the world, and it is going to come from people up here, from people connected with you and me, from plain, simple people who know—not merely believe—but actually know that God answers prayer. It is going to be a great revival of Christianity, not a revival of religion. We can have religion and still have wars. But this is to be a revival of true Christianity. It is going to rise from the laymen, from men who are going about their work and putting God into what they do, from men who believe in prayer, and who want to make God real to mankind.”

A Praying Grandmother’s Prophecy

A man by the name of Dr. James Brooks shared this astonishing account about his praying grandmother. In 1959, his grandmother told him about a great end time revival where so many people would be saved that it would seem as if all the world was coming to God. His grandmother told him this revival would be the greatest move of God the world had ever seen. Then she shared with him some very shocking details. She said that both judgment and revival would come upon America and the world at the same time. He asked her if she knew when it would come. She didn’t know the exact date, but she knew it would be sometime after the year 2000. And here is the astonishing part. She said a sign that judgment was beginning was when two large buildings in New York City would be destroyed by people from a Muslim country. She said the buildings would look like they were bombed, but the destruction wouldn’t come from a bomb. She didn’t know how they would be destroyed. The Muslims’ motive was that they hate America and Americans. Before the destruction was over, the whole world would know about it the hour that it would happen. The destruction of the buildings would be a sign that judgment upon the nation had begun.

The Remarkable Experience of Euley Hudson

Dr. James Brooks also told an interesting account of a man named Euley Hudson. He was an evangelist that preached in nations and experienced many miracles through his ministry. He was on a plane flying home after a trip to Israel. For some reason, he felt discouraged and even a little depressed. The Lord began to minister to him while on the plane. The Lord said that not too many years in the future, there would come a great revival. And this revival would be noteworthy because of the vast number of people that would be saved without anyone ever preaching the Gospel of salvation to them. The Lord revealed to Hudson just how that would look like. People would be walking down the street and then, suddenly, they would come under conviction for their sins. Right there, they would repent and turn to the Lord. Without warning, the convicting presence of the Lord would come upon them and many of them would collapse on the floor, wherever they were.

(Actually, this sort of thing happened frequently in America’s Second Great Awakening during the Camp Meetings and in meetings of evangelists like Charles F. Finney and Maria Woodworth-Etter and others. People would fall out under the power of God and look as though dead. While they were out in the spirit, the Lord began to minister to them. Sometimes, they would be out for an hour, while others would be out for hours. When they came out of their state, they gave their lives to Jesus.)

While still on the plane, the Lord said He would provide Euley with a sign to confirm the word. He told Euley that for a time, he would experience this very phenomenon. He said there would be people who would simply come into his presence and they would come under spiritual conviction and then repent of their sins without him or anyone else witnessing to them. As soon as the Lord shared that, an elderly lady seated near him on the plane burst into uncontrollable tears. She said she suddenly felt that she was not pleasing to God. Euley talked with her and ended up praying with her. Then others on the plane began to cry as well. He stood up and ministered to them all at once.

When Eyley got off the place, he walked through the terminal and saw a man pushing a cart full of luggage. When he saw Euley, he stopped and made his way to him crying, telling him he was a sinner that needed to repent. Others in the airport did the same thing. Then outside on the street, several people began to weep so hard they fell against the side of the buildings they were passing by.

The Lord told Euley that this phenomenon would become a common thing when the great end time harvest began.

End Time Prophecy by Kenneth E. Hagin

Now I want to share with you a powerful prophecy that came through Kenneth E. Hagin in 1963. He prophesied about what would take place in America right before the great end time outpouring of God. And if you have any doubt whether we are living in the end times, this prophecy will be a confirmation to you that we are indeed living in the end times. We are experiencing in America, right now, the very things he prophesied.

Prophecy by Kenneth E. Hagin in 1963 (Abbreviated)

Yea, the hand of the Lord was upon me. I went, as it were, up into the air and stood with the Lord Jesus Christ in the air. And as I looked down upon the ground, I could see as a map laid out before me the entire nation—all the states of the continental United States. And as I looked He said, “Behold, son, and I shall show you that which shall come to pass, and that which the eyes of many shall see. And they shall remember that their ears heard that it shall come to pass.”

Dark Cloud of Atheistic Communism

For there came a dark hand up out of the ocean from the east, even from the Atlantic Ocean. It came up out of the sea as a hand, and as it rose up into the air it became a dark cloud and it filled the whole atmosphere. Yea, and it swept in like a storm at sea. And I said, “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord! What’s the meaning of this?” And He spake unto me and said, “Son, that is the darkness of atheistic communism that is sweeping across the nation—even in the minds of men in high places and politicians with great power.

Liberties Will Be Seized and Taken

“And this nation shall not grow more strong and you shall not have more liberty than you have now. But liberties that you’ve known and you’ve seen shall be seized and taken from you.”

Communistic Inspired Race Hatred

And I looked again, and I could see upon the mountain a blotch, as though a bottle of ink had been spilled and spread out over several states in the south and east. And then I looked and I could see spots splotched all over the map and I said, “Lord, what meaneth this?” And He said, “Communistic inspired hatred among races shall cause greater turmoil than your nation has seen heretofore. Yea, it is not the will of God, but men’s hearts are perverse and they walk without the love of God and seek to have their own way. And so it shall be worse than you have seen.”

There Shall Be Those Who Shall Carry My Fullness

And I said, “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Is there a remedy? What shall the answer be?” And then I said, “Oh, Lord! Do we have nothing to look forward to in the future except the darkness, the blackness, war, destruction and evil?” And He said, “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceived and being deceived.” And He said, “Son of man, forget not your text for you look at the things not seen.”

And so then I looked into the spirit realm and I saw falling upon that mountain a ball of fire from heaven. The closer to the earth, the bigger it got, and then when it came to the earth, it divided into small balls or sparks of fire, and it fell upon men. And I saw an army of men rise up, and it seemed as though their hands were fire. And there sat upon their heads a tongue of fire.

And I said, “What meaneth this?” And He said, “Before the worst shall come and the day of darkness encompasses, there will be those who shall go and who shall carry the fullness of My truth and the fire, not only to the states of this nation but to many other places. For there is a work that must be done, first spiritually, before the Lord shall come.

“Now prepare your hearts, for the time is at hand and the beginning is now; and ye shall see and ye shall know for the hand of the Lord is upon you and many of you shall be used in these last days and the work shall progress.”

Prophetic Vision Shall Be Restored

Hallelujah to Jesus! For the word of the Lord came unto me saying, “The prophetic vision shall be restored unto the Church, for even in the days of old the prophet would see by vision and prophesy, and so the prophetic vision shall be restored unto the Church. And this is the time, and this is the hour, and this is the place.” Praise God! Hallelujah!

Brothers and Sisters, most assuredly, we are at the door!


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